Project Cost Planning and Management

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LDJ Group are very experienced in costing projects in both detail and at a high level to ensure your budgets can be met. We can then also work with you to achieve your desired outcome, whilst maintaining your budget. Our services will assist you in ensuring your design is based around your needs and budget and therefore, make your dream a reality rather than just a dream.

LDJ Groups programming is an integral part of our service. From the engagement of a design team to the completion of the project, we programme every detail to ensure your project is controlled and tracked to a set completion date. Whether you are building a new home or investment, opening up a retail store or a new commercial premises, programming and timing are everything. By planning this and committing to milestone dates, LDJ Group are able to commit a completion and handover date to our clients to assist them with their planning, forecasting rental costs making commercial and personal decisions and having the peace of mind for their project completion and future use.